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KDFW Sports Department May Be Changing Lineup

Mike James at NewsBlues (subs.req.) is reporting that changes are afoot in the KDFW sports department:

“Drew Soicher, sports director at Gannett’s KUSA-9-NBC in Denver (Market #17) for the past 12 years, has been offered the top sports job at Fox-owned KDFW-4 in Dallas (Market #5).

“It’s unclear whether Soicher has accepted the job. And it’s equally unclear what this means for current KDFW Sports Director Mike Doocy. Stay tuned, and remember you saw it here first.”

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  • Derian Hatchers Boat

    No more Doocy? Fox 4……..YOU just lost a listener!

  • Ryans Dad

    You can bet, I will remember where I heard this. Dumbass.

  • Merkin Valdez

    Bet his replacement can’t sing in falsetto. If this is true, you just gained a viewer Fox 4.

  • JZ

    Doucey killed 5 hookers and Fox 4 is on to him.