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Making Dallas Even Better

Mavericks Play-By-Play Guy Mark Followill Doesn’t Need Sebastian Pruiti’s Help

Deadspin put up an item this afternoon about a small Twitter spat between basketball writer Sebastian Pruiti and Mavericks play-by-play man Mark Followill. Deadspin calls Pruiti’s criticism “tame” and Followill’s response “childish and stupid.” I actually see it the other way: dismissively saying a guy is awful at his job seems precisely like the childish […]

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‘Handsome Guy’ Bandit’s Arrest Provides Occasion to Watch World’s Creepiest Video

All the local outlets are reporting that the man suspected of being the “Handsome Guy” Bandit who robbed banks around North Texas was arrested in Mississippi this morning after a police chase. His name is Steven Milam, and his day job is selling caskets in Tyler. NBC5 reported that Milam “tried to consume a large […]

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Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: January 3, 2012

Events editor Liz Johnstone – who usually advises you daily in this space – decided to extend her Christmas vacation for an extra week, so I’m going to take this opportunity to do something she rarely does: recommend you attend a sporting event. You’re still angry about how the Cowboys season ended, and the Mavericks […]

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