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Making Dallas Even Better

Robert Jeffress On the Death of Christopher Hitchens

If you haven’t heard, Christopher Hitchens died last night. You can read about it here, here, and here. I didn’t realize until today that one of the last things he wrote–he was as prolific as he was eloquent–was about Dallas’ own Robert Jeffress, and his controversial comments on Mormonism. Hitchens kind of agreed with Jeffress. […]

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Hebron 121 Station: The Ugliest Apartments in Dallas-Fort Worth?

You’ll hear it said about some neighborhoods, almost always meant as a compliment: “It doesn’t feel like Dallas.” Does this happen in other major cities? Do people feel a sense of pride in living someplace so unlike the rest of the area?  Those aren’t rhetorical questions. Usually I hear these statements made about quiet, tree-filled […]

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Leading Off (12/16/11)

We Wished Everyone A Merry Christmas But You. Dallas Morning News metro columnist Jacquielynn Floyd only got three Christmas cards this year. That’s crazy. I mean, I had three by Thanksgiving. I have probably a good 30 right now, five with the same Pinterest baby-holding-a-string-of-lights idea. So why won’t anyone send Floyd a Christmas card? […]

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