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50 Reasons Why Fort Worth Is Better Than Dallas

FWMagI like those guys at Fort Worth, Texas magazine. They’ve got moxie. Here are their reasons why Cowtown is better than Big D. My favorite: “The name of our city magazine is Fort Worth, Texas. So what’s the deal, D? Was it just too hard to print your entire city name? Maybe you originally had another city in mind. Like Decatur. Or Denton. Or maybe you were having problems with spellcheck. In which case, you should be called Dumas.” Snap!

15 comments on “50 Reasons Why Fort Worth Is Better Than Dallas

  1. They say, we have no microbrewery, but we have 2. Deep Ellum Brewery is open and on tap at Strangeway, Anvil Pub and other spots. Peticolas is opening soon.

  2. When I was in college in Austin, our rear car windows had stickers that read “THE University”. And everyone, every one from every Texas school knew WHICH University. And it pissed all those other folks off. But, the truth is the truth, even today.

    Everyone who sees “D Magazine” knows that it’s not the magazine of Decatur, or Denton, or wherever else James Woods has a car dealership. And it pisses them off.

  3. Fort Worth:Dallas::Cowboys:Redskins::Aggies:Longhorns::Miss Piggy:Kermit::Schutze:Allison::___________?

  4. They lost me at the part titled “The Cities in Film” where they mention some movie filmed in Ft. Worth and then say we’re known for Debbie Does Dallas. Sorry guys, but we have ROBOCOP. Eat that $h!t for breakfast.

  5. I think the two cities are growing more alike all the time and it seems to be a huge positive for both. The FW city magazine missed a chance to tell a much more interesting, more amusing story.

    (Full disclosure: I’m a FW resident and D CEO contributing editor.)

  6. As someone who has lived in Big D and Cowtown, I like living in Cowtown better. Things are just easier here. Less complicated and certainly less hectic. Having said that, I can truly appreciate all the things that Big D has to offer that are missing in Cowtown. Dining out opportunities for one. Same things are available in both towns, but there is much more diversity and opportunity in Dallas. Same for shopping. Ridgemar Mall though is not even remotely close to NorthPark.

    There is one error in the list…Gilley’s is/was not in Houston. It was in Pasadena at the time of Urban Cowboy.

  7. I lived in FW when I went to HS and pretty much go back there all the time to visit my parents, I also lived in Dallas for a year. BOTH CITIES ROCK!!! Literally best places ever.