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7 comments on “Brian Cuban is “Ashamed and Embarrassed” to Be a Penn State Alum

  1. Whatever you do, do not go to a Penn State fan site/message board right now. The denial and cognitive dissonance will make you insane. Glad to see that BCubes has the proper perspective.

  2. It was truly shocking to me when I read that the President/school was paying for Curley and Schultz’s legal defense. And, then to see all these kids marching and so upset that Paterno was being fired BOGGLES my mind. Is this our future or do they just need a hero so badly? People who talk about how upstanding and how much integrity JoePa had, but then they hide behind the “he followed his legal obligation” line. Umm… news flash: ANY man that I respect and love and honor, would have been on the phone to the police so fast (well, I imagine after some serious a** whipping) that the call to the administrators would have been an after-thought and simply a heads up. But, let’s say you’re old school and you go to your boss, you don’t think to follow up, or to stop allowing him use of your facilities until there are some answers. This whole thing sickens me and the fact that all the men involved have, in their own way, contributed to the horrors that those young boys endured is truly heartbreaking.

  3. No on every covered for a serial pedophile to protect the English department.

    Universities that care even a little about preserving a reputation for education should totally disassociate themselves from the thoroughly rotten “amateur” athletics system. The rest of the world produces plenty of fine sportsmen without engaging in this “scholor/athlete” sham.

  4. I believe PSU and law enforcement knew this was coming down, yet witheld grand jury announcement and arrests until Paterno won his record making game on October 29. I find it too coincidental that Paterno wins his 409, he gets a week to bask in the glory, then all h*** breaks loose with Sandusky. If SMU can receive the death penalty for their crimes and coverups from the 80’s, Penn State should be blasted into oblivion.

  5. It’s amazing to me how the Penn. State SCANDAL and the ESD SCANDAL parallel one another. Throw out the children with the bathwater and whatever you do save the egomanical AHs. In fact, the same type that did it to SMU.
    At SMU it was the “death penalty”. They ALL raped, molested, abused children and the school which they attended. All about money, right? Tinkerbell, you are brilliant, of course that is why the Penn. State SCANDAL was delayed. How proud Paterno must feel, somehow the 409 record will probably NOT be what he will be remembered for. All 3 of these schools have smart, dedicated, moral people, who are trying to do their very best (for not a whole lot of money I might add) to teach our children and the AHs at the top abuse the money and the morals. The students at PS and ESD seem to have the same mass misguided loyality to the wrong people. Is there an adult anywhere that can tell them instead of egging them on or making yard signs THIS IS OUR HOUSE. No one wants your dam house!!