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Making Dallas Even Better

DISD Board Member, Principal, and Teachers Discuss State of Education

Last night, I attended an education panel that was hosted by a young professionals group called Dallas Engaged Professionals. (Full disclosure: my husband started DEP and he coordinated the panel as well). Panelists included Nakia Douglas, principal of Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy; Bernadette Nutall, District 9 school board trustee; Zack Hall, third-grade TFA teacher; […]

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Money for Nothing: Ex-Manager’s Defense Points to Others in DAS Animal-Cruelty Trial

In the felony trial that began yesterday of Tyrone McGill — the former manager of Dallas’ city animal shelter, where a cat was allowed to die trapped inside a wall last year — the defense is taking this tack with prosecution witnesses who worked at the shelter under McGill: So, why didn’t you do something […]

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