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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Insider: Harrassment Story “Can’t Help Cain”

During a private conversation earlier this month, a well-connected Dallas political observer predicted the Herman Cain sex-harrassment bombshell that was reported over the weekend by Politico. So this morning we asked this clued-in insider–who requested anonymity, and said he/she was “a witness [to], not a participant” in the story–what affect the harrassment charges are likely […]

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Best of Big D: Halloween Costume Edition

Photos from this weekend’s Halloween festivities are here. My personal favorites awards go to the Oregon Trail couple with dysentary and measles, the twisted Mad Hatters, a couple of Pop Tarts, the gay pack of flamingos (aka: “The Flamingays”), the troll doll duo (rhinestone bellybuttons included), a box of Franzia, a frightening Joker chick, and the Ninja […]

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Johnny Bush: Producers Stifling True Country Music

Traditional-country-music icon Johnny Bush, who penned the Willie Nelson anthem “Whiskey River,” says today’s Nashville producers have “tied the hands” of C&W songwriters. “You can’t say anything bad about the woman. You can’t talk about drinking anymore,” Bush said. And that’s a problem because true country music has traditionally been about such “real-life situations,” he […]

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Mason Crumpacker Is the Most Adorable 9-Year-Old Agnostic Ever

Depending on your own beliefs, this (behind-the-paywall) Q&A with Mason Crumpacker, the incredibly intelligent McKinney 9-year-old who drew headlines earlier this month when she publicly asked Christopher Hitchens for reading suggestions, will either make you smile and give you hope for the future or confirm your worst fears that End times are nigh.

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