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Making Dallas Even Better

Robert Jeffress to Bill Maher: “The Left Has Been Pretty Kind to Me”

Since introducing Rick Perry at the Values Voters Summit a week ago, and at the same time saying that he thought Mormonism is a “cult,” Rev. Robert Jeffress has been a verifiable celebrity, especially for liberal-leaning types in the media. And not just Chris Matthews. Friday night, Jeffress went into the belly of the beast, […]

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Texas Rangers Chew Their Way Through Playoffs

As I’ve said before, I’m a lifelong Rangers fan. I’m as thrilled as anyone about their second consecutive World Series berth. But I’m also thoroughly disgusted by the ridiculous amounts of chaw that several players shove in their mouths before taking the field. Nelson Cruz and Neftali Feliz, in particular, look like they’re each struggling […]

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Leading Off (10/17/11)

Rangers, Meet Cardinals: Let the break downs begin: Battle of the sluggers; don’t underestimate the birds; teams have only met once before; both teams trust bullpens; storied Cards have historical edge; unofficial NPR poll favors Cards; it’s tough to hit homers in St. Louis; schedules/projected lineups. Occupy Dallas Shoved Out of Pioneer Plaza: While Occupy Dallas […]

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