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Making Dallas Even Better

Eric Nadel Sends Photos From Comerica Park in Detroit

"Getting ready for game. It's 2:00 EST. Psyched.
"Getting ready for game. It's 2:00 EST. Psyched."

UPDATE, 2:33 pm: It’s raining in Detroit.  We could be in for another delay.

Texas Rangers’ radio play-by-play announcer Eric Nadel is at Comerica Park in Detroit where the Rangers are getting ready to embarrass the Detroit Tigers. He sent a few pictures he took as he walked into the park. I urge you to turn off the sound on your TV and tune in to 103.3 ESPN Radio and listen to Nadel and (Tim’s buddy) Steve Busby call the game. First pitch at 3:19 PM CST. GO RANGERS!

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"View from parking garage. Note red wing puck at Hockeytown restaurant in foreground."
"View from parking garage. Note red wing puck at Hockeytown restaurant in foreground."
"Check out the tiger heads."
"Check out the tiger heads."
"Mosaics all over the place."
"Mosaics all over the place."
  • MCC

    Andro tweeting that it’s looking like first pitch is being pushed back an hour

  • ELH

    The mosaics are done by Pewabic Pottery of Detroit, the oldest continually operating art pottery in the US. Their work is fantastic. Go Tigers!

  • http://frontburner.dmagazine.com Tim Rogers

    I’ve tried that, Nancy. The radio broadcast is so far ahead of the TV pictures that it’s impossible to do without going insane.

  • brett

    and meanwhile in arlington, we can show pictures of giant parking lots and a walmart.

  • JB

    Streaming Radio is slower and might line up with TV.

    I just have to say, that in comparison to Detroit, the view of the Arlington skyline from our Park just really speaks “BASEBALL” doesn’t it?

  • http://www.dmagazine.com Jason Heid

    Detroit, I’d like to propose a trade. Your Comerica Park for Dallas’ Comerica Bank. Straight up.