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Making Dallas Even Better

Texas Rangers Responsible For Rash of Stupid Celebratory Gestures in Baseball

I’ve always appreciated that baseball players don’t tend to put on the sort of showboating celebrations that seemingly occur after every play in football. (Although the tendency to celebrate every walk-off win like it’s the end of the seventh game of the World Series is an unfortunate MLB trend.) And look, I know you all enjoyed your […]

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Karl Rove, Comedian, Emcees a Dinner in Dallas

Who knew Karl Rove was such a comedian? That’s what about 700 people were asking last night when the worlds of Texas oil and gas, Republican politics, and philanthropy came together in one big decked-out room at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. The occasion: the Methodist Health System Foundation’s presentation of its 2011 Robert S. […]

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Two Days, Two “Occupy Dallas” Protests, Two Very Different Groups, Ctd.

Yesterday we talked about the two different groups “occupying” Dallas this week. A few reviews of today’s protest here (behind the paywall) and here. Estimated attendance: about 500. Best sign: “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.” Quote from a protester: “This is the children’s future we’re fighting for.” Quote from a police […]

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