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Making Dallas Even Better

Before You Watch Most Eligible Dallas Premiere Tonight, Read Dick Sullivan’s Take On One of the Show’s “Stars”

Over on FrontRow, Dick Sullivan writes about a chance encounter he had with the father of one of Most Eligible Dallas‘ “stars.” A former presumed bench warmer for Tom Landry’s Cowboys, George Nordgren pushed a finger at Sullivan’s chest and chewed out our writer some years back when he was a little late for a […]

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The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2011 Competition Starts Now

Let the games begin. The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas contest is back and voting started at midnight. Up first: Katarina Vargas (super mom and super model), Shannon McAnally (Miss Dallas USA 2011), Samantha Cox (attorney at law and comic book lover), Shusmita Farhad (exotic operations specialist), and Aubree-Anna Stinson (local jazz singer). Vote once […]

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