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Making Dallas Even Better

Brett Shipp Assaulted by John Wiley Price, Ctd.

A mole at Channel 8 sent us the video of the alleged and so-called quote-unquote assault perpetrated on Brett Shipp by John Wiley Price. We can’t show you the video. It’s protected by copyright. So we created this reenactment of the confrontation, wherein Price “uses his arm and the heel of his hand to physically […]

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Leading Off (8/10/11)

Rangers Notch Another Comeback Win. Josh Hamilton sawed down a redwood tree with a butter knife, whittled it into a regulation bat, then hit a walkoff single. The key to the game is that someone gave me a ticket at the last-minute. You’re welcome. U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess Wants to Impeach Obama. The Lewisville Republican […]

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