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Long Live The Village

In an article titled “Put Your Money On Texas,” numbers just released by Advertising Age show Texas now with 3,613,473 millennials, a 14% increase from 2000 to 2010.  The 24-35 year old age group “is critical to a state’s future because they represent the next wave of families, new home buyers and big spenders.” Telling: […]

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Time to Take Down the “Where’s the Birth Certificate” Billboard on Central?

It’s been up since September, visible to every commuter heading south, still promoting the extremely-debunked conspiracy theory that questions the legitimacy of the President (and, by extension, American democracy). It’s only been two and a half years since he released the certificate (while running for President), and just three months since he released the “long […]

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Should the Texas Rangers Ballpark Move Downtown, With a Roof?

After Dan posed his question Monday about whether we’d prefer early-morning or late-night games at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, the official D Magazine Twitter account proposed that the real solution was to build a retractable roof stadium in downtown Dallas. Some of our Twitter followers endorsed the idea. Patrick Kennedy said he’d put it in […]

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