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Mark Cuban Totally Punks Ross Perot Jr.

I point you to Unfair Park, whereon you will find a copy of the best legal filing in the history of legal filings. As you may know, Ross Perot Jr., a 5 percent owner of the Dallas Mavericks, sued Mark Cuban awhile back for allegedly mismanaging the team. Cuban’s latest response is about the best thing ever.

8 comments on “Mark Cuban Totally Punks Ross Perot Jr.

  1. LOVE IT! Perot Jr was a terrible owner of the Mavs franchise. Perot Jr was more interested in developing the land around the arena than he was the team itself. Think he is a tad embarassed that the team has fared very well under Cuban’s ownership? Sure, as he is very arrogant. Cuban cares about the team and about winning. Perot needs to sell his 5% interest in the Mavs….Mavs need a clean break from this jerk.

  2. Does someone out there have a breakdown on who all owns a piece of the Mavs? Obviously Cuban is majority owner and we now know RPJ still owns 5%, but Don Carter stills has a piece too? What about David McDavid & Frank Zaccanelli? What about Belo Corp?

  3. Winning a championship and properly running a business are two entirely separate things. Without Perot there would not be an AAC or Victory Park and if Cuban wants the business world to take him seriously, then he needs to stop acting like a child.