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Making Dallas Even Better

Southwest Pilot Unhappy With Attendants

A Southwest Airlines pilot is in the doghouse because of comments he made while his mic was live and he didn’t know it. His biggest alleged sin: lamenting that his flight crews consisted of “gays, grannies and grandes” (the last apparently referring to overweight people) instead of “cute chicks.” No telling his reaction if he’d […]

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Barrett Brown in the Guardian

Barrett Brown, who until recently identified himself as an unofficial spokesman for Anonymous, has an op-ed in the Guardian today wherein he details the findings from an investigation he’s been working on for the past few months. Headline: “A Sinister Cyber-Surveillance Scheme Exposed: Hacked emails from security contractor HBGary reveal a disturbing public-private partnership to […]

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Leading Off (6/22/11): The Pinch-Hitting for Zac Crain Edition Because His Son “Got Him Up at 4 and Threw Everything Off”

Cops Pee in Car. An apparent prank pulled by micturating police has led to a full-blown investigation, with DNA testing and everything. From the Morning News: “It’s just nasty,” said a police official with knowledge of the investigation. “That kind of stuff is just embarrassing. It’s so juvenile.” Good News out of DISD. The district […]

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