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Making Dallas Even Better

Keeping it Green in University Park

University Park’s annual watering restrictions only apply to commoners and other rule followers-SMU (and a few others) can do whatev. This photo was snapped yesterday during a several hour drenching but they’re flashin’ the same giant middle finger again today. Because in the Park Cities, when we say green, we mean the color, not the thing about saving the planet.

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Memo To DART, From Me: I Will Be Breaking the Law

Yesterday, an entire train full of passengers – mostly people coming back from the Mavs parade – were stranded in the train after it stopped in the tunnel connecting Cityplace and Mockingbird Station. Several told the various media outlets who covered the incident that they attempted to talk to the conductor and got no response. […]

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Joe Bob Briggs on Anthony Weiner

An alert FrontBurnervian points us this essay by former D Magazine staffer John Bloom (aka Joe Bob Briggs), who defends the kooky actions of Anthony Weiner. Sample: The Democratic Party is supposed to promote the rights of gays, lesbians, transvestites, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, midgets, circus performers, and biker gangs. It’s supposedly an article of faith among […]

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Leading Off (6/17/01)

Tornados? There’s an App For That. White Settlement resident Justin Graham is a software designer by trade, but on the side has developed two iPhone apps – TornadoSpy and StormSpy – that allow users to track storms that fellow users have reported. Graham’s apps become really popular during spates of high storm activity, such as […]

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