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Allow Me to Rain on This Parade

I’m a huge Mavs fan, going back to the glory days of Rolando, Aguirre, and Harper. That said, I wouldn’t go anywhere near the parade end of downtown today. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would. When I try to list the pros and cons, I come up with plenty of cons: the heat, the crowds, the potential for violence. What’s a pro? Getting to see Dirk Nowitzki in person? I can buy a $2 ticket to a Mavs game next season and get that done in the comfort of an air-conditioned arena.

12 comments on “Allow Me to Rain on This Parade

  1. First of all, wouldn’t these be the glory days? And then, how do you get a $2 ticket?

  2. You claim to be a Mavs fan, but clearly you are not a fan of the people of North Texas, whom this celebration is about.

    You’re just fishing for trolls, jerk.

  3. “the potential for violence”

    Gotta love white North Dallas/Park Cities paranoia.

  4. Are you kidding? It was AWESOME! Forget staying at home, or sitting in an air conditioned arena…completely different experience. This was our chance to be on the streets with the people of this city and celebrate together. I wouldn’t trade that for the biggest big screen or frontrow stadium seat in the world.

    There’s few times in life when you can step outside and celebrate a rare opportunity for city pride…you should take that chance whenever it comes along.