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Local Journalist Gives Expert Analysis to Jane McGarry

I’m guessing here, but you probably weren’t watching KXAS’ Channel 5.2 last night at around 6:30. (I had to explain to co-workers the system by which people watch over-the-air digital channels, a system that until recently was used at the Rogers household.) So here’s what happened. Please savage me in the comments.

10 comments on “Local Journalist Gives Expert Analysis to Jane McGarry

  1. So it’s pretty much the NBC 5 equivalent of “Wayne’s World?” They should call it “Jane’s World.”

  2. I ask angrily “Where’s my beer?” and drop an S-bomb each morning before work. I guess if I had ninety-nine billion dollars, I’d be considered “mature,” instead of “a poor candidate for probation.”

  3. Unfortunate moiré shirt situation. Do producers warn guests about stuff like that? I’ve never been on teh teevee so I really am curious.

  4. Tim, I think that you did a great job! The fans totally should have left Mark Cuban a 6-pack of Weihenstephaner outside his home.

  5. Jane, you still have my heart & always will! Tim, you still have my Ipod & I want it back!

  6. You did a good job in expressing how native Dallasites feel about this – and I think the Shiner was apropos.