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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Mavericks Return Triumphantly to Love Field. And Then Sneak Past Waiting Fans.

D Magazine intern James Bright went out to Love Field to see the crowd greeting the Dallas Mavericks when they arrived home from a Game 2 victory this afternoon. Below is his story. (Even if you don’t like to read, there’s a bonus video after the jump.) Fans chanting “beat the Heat” and “it’s our […]

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Don’t Call Southwest Airlines a Discount Carrier, Ctd.

An e-mail from a FrontBurnervian reminded me that I’d forgotten to emphasize a significant point in yesterday’s post. While Southwest Airline’s fares certainly remain competitive on nearly all its routes, what the Wall Street Journal piece was really remarking on was that the days are over in which Southwest can be called a cheaper-than-a-bus-ticket, lower-priced-by-two-touchdowns […]

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John Edwards Indicted For Allegedly Using Fred Baron’s Money to Cover up Affair

A North Carolina grand jury has indicted former Senator John Edwards, who ran twice for the presidency, on campaign finance violations. Prosecutors say that money Edwards allegedly took from contributors, including the late Fred Baron from Dallas, was used to pay off his mistress, Rielle Hunter. And they claim that money should be considered campaign […]

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