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Making Dallas Even Better

DMN Bias on Rawlings Story?

In the elections business, candidates are always fearing the sneaky, last-minute, “October surprise” that will influence late-deciding voters. So it was interesting that, on Monday, just days before Saturday’s voting, the Dallas Morning News splashed a story across its Metro “front” with some nit-picking charge against mayoral hopeful Ron Natinsky, essentially part of a family […]

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Leading Off (5/11/11)

In-N-Out Opens in Frisco and Allen. People started camping out yesterday afternoon. I can’t make it out there, but I have an intern out in Frisco waiting to bring me an Invisible Man (two patties cooked medium, ripped to shreds, then eaten by someone else) and fries Roadkill style (fries are cooked normally, then put […]

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