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Making Dallas Even Better

C&W’s Blake Shelton, Feeling the Heat

The irreverent, good-ol’-boy joking of country star Blake Shelton has landed the Ada, Okla., native on the hot seat, especially lately. The straight-shooting singer, who appeared at a fund-raiser for Dallas Summer Musicals over the weekend, has become the target of PETA and LGBT groups alike for his controversial tweets. The animal-rights outfit didn’t like […]

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Natinsky “Knows Nothing” About Anti-Rawlings Mailer

A Houston outfit called Conservative Republicans of Texas sent Dallas voters this hit piece, er, campaign mailer, ripping mayoral candidate Mike Rawlings for being a big-spending, tax-hiking, liberal Democrat in sheep’s clothing who supports Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Al Franken. Buttonholed about the mailer at a Dallas Summer Musicals fundraiser Saturday night, mayoral candidate–and […]

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University of Texas at Austin Scientists Create Schizophrenic Computer

So UT-Austin scientists have a computer with a neural network, nicknamed DISCERN. That sentence should send chills (of excitement and absolute terror) down your spine. These scientists decided, for kicks I guess, to see if they could get their little electronic monster to suffer the symptoms of schizophrenia. According to this Forbes blog post: What […]

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Scoops Callahan Ends Phil Jackson’s Career — Amen

Scoops Callahan, aka 1920s Reporter Guy, is a character played by Tom Gribble, a producer on The Ticket. He invades post-game press conferences, addresses coaches and athletes as “Champ,” and nervously poses questions filled with phrases such as “the bee’s knees” and “the cat’s pajamas.” One such question was the final question of Phil Jackson’s […]

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