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Making Dallas Even Better

Congratulations, Mike Rawlings, the Only Viable Dallas Mayoral Candidate

When we (Tim) wrote in the January issue that Ron Natinsky will be the next mayor of Dallas, we (Tim) also wrote: “a viable candidate will still need to raise about $1 million.” Therefore, Dallas now has one (1) viable candidate to become the next mayor: Mike Rawlings. David Kunkle, Edward Okpa, and Natinsky are […]

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Dallas Readies For Redistricting

From City Hall comes word that it’s Redistricting Commission time again. Has it been 10 years since the last decennial figures were released? Time flies, friends. Time flies. If you have some definite opinions on precinct boundaries, click here for a list of meetings. See you there. At all of them. Bring cookies.

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Forensic Science Commission Report on Willingham Case Draws Similar Conclusions as New Yorker

As the Texas Tribune points out, the long-awaited report from the Texas Forensic Science Commission on the Cameron Todd Willingham case doesn’t rule specifically on whether fire investigators were negligent in their duties. That question is being left to the state attorney general. But, whether there was negligence or misconduct or whatever, the findings show […]

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