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The Worst Dirk Nowitzki Highlight Package You Will Ever See

Seriously. This is billed as “Dirk Nowitzki’s Top 10 Plays of the 2011 Season,” but jeez, you guys. FOUR of the plays are just Dirk shooting a three-pointer. An open three-pointer. Granted, the last one tied a game, but that’s still pretty lazy. Step yo game up, NBA.

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10 comments on “The Worst Dirk Nowitzki Highlight Package You Will Ever See

  1. Zac, what did you expect? Dirk is nothing more than a jump shooter. Did you expect to see Dirk taking it to the rim or Dirk dunking? That’s just not his game! They probably had to look high and low to find the 2 clips that did show Dirk taking it to the rim. Heck, one play was a Jason Kidd 3 pointer?? Now they probably could have found some shots of Dirk on 1 leg, falling to his left, fading away from the basket… Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE DIRK- but he’s not flashy!

  2. @James: I understand he is a jump shooter. But I also know he takes many, many shots that make opposing teams shake their heads. Yes, of the one leg, falling the wrong direction variety. He’s not flashy, not really, no. But I know he was more than six plays (and actually, there is a fifth three-pointer, but he was fouled, so that’s tougher) where he is not just shooting an open three. He has creative moves, even if they’re not dunks and such. This was just lazy.

  3. Think that’s boring? Just thank Jeebus that they didn’t have YouTube when Uwe played.

  4. claiming Dirk is nothing more than a jump shooter is a Chris Webber level of laziness.

    People of dallas will never understand how lucky we are that:
    1) We stole Dirk from Milwaukee for a tractor, and
    2) Dirk chose to stay here instead of go take his talents elsewhere.

  5. @Freeze: You will not think less of me when I tell you that that video made me have a sportscry. I loved watching that — except the part where I had to watch Erik Dampier.

  6. I bet he’s the only superstar whose highlight reel includes a highlight of someone else making a game-winner.