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Meet Ron Natinsky’s New Mayoral Campaign Ad

Behold City Councilman Ron Natinsky’s new Dallas mayoral campaign TV ad, which apparently begins running tonight. He’s not exactly courting the youth vote, what with holding a stack of 8-track tapes and sitting on a porch with a rocking chair behind him:

I’m also told, by a source who has seen it for himself, that Natinsky has an impressive collection of Howdy Doody memorabilia at his North Dallas home. He couldn’t have worked that in too?

3 comments on “Meet Ron Natinsky’s New Mayoral Campaign Ad

  1. Whoopee. He helped attract two old economy businesses whose employees don’t live in the city of Dallas, nor do their children go to our schools.

  2. Content aside, what’s with the lighting that makes him look like he only has one front tooth?