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Making Dallas Even Better

Troubled Arts of Collin County Project Seeks a New Name

Nothing like a rebranding to cure what ails you. The public project to build a performing arts center in Collin County has had troubles from the start, when what was supposed to be a four-city project became a three-city project after McKinney voters refused to approve $19 million in bond funding that Allen, Plano, and […]

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Subscription-based Electric Car Service Expanding to Dallas-Fort Worth

The provider, AeroVironment, plans to install 70 public charging stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For $89 a month, electric car owners will have access to unlimited charging in Houston and around here. Now, will Texans be willing to embrace these services, and electric cars in general, if the auto companies continue to give the […]

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UNT Lab Asked to Identify Remains of South Dakota Hiker

Came across this story about unidentified human remains from South Dakota being sent to the University of North Texas’ Center for Human Identification for, appropriately enough, identification. Authorities believe they could be the remains of a 61-year-old who disappeared almost five years ago. My takeaway from the piece: Never go hiking in the vicinity of anything […]

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North Texas Snow-and-Ice Bowl Has NFL Reassessing Its Disaster Planning

In preparing our special edition on Super Bowl XLV, I spent many months talking to those preparing for the big game in Arlington last February. I heard repeatedly that they were preparing for the “worst-case scenario” in terms of weather. Silly me, I assumed that meant, you know, the absolutely worst possible weather that might […]

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Dallas Must-Do List: Trinity River Audubon Center

After dining at Jimmy’s recently, I’ve done seven out of the Things Every Dallasite Must Do. This past weekend, I took on the task of completing my eighth: Explore the Trinity River Audubon Center. Because I was babysitting Sunday afternoon, I thought that bringing the kids to TRAC would be the perfect activity for us […]

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