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Making Dallas Even Better

Spurlock’s “Line In the Sand” Against Advertising

You’ve got to hand it to Morgan Spurlock, the guy who downed all those Quarter Pounders in Super Size Me, for coming up with another thought-provoking documentary. The director’s latest, titled POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, explores the intersection of advertising, marketing and “product placement.” The film, screened Saturday at the Dallas […]

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Mantegna on Mailer, Warts and All

The director behind the great new Norman Mailer documentary–part of the Dallas International Film Festival, and reviewed by Peter here–is a beefy, blunt-talking, middle-aged guy in a dark suit and tie who admires the late author but is also clear-eyed about his foibles. Joseph Mantegna, not to be confused with the Criminal Minds actor, calls […]

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Dallas International Film Festival, It’s Time to Put Vittorio Vere Out of Our Misery

There are a lot of great things about the Dallas International Film Festival. Most significantly there are still plenty of good movies to see between now and Sunday, some of which you may never again have the chance to view on the big screen. But there’s one major flaw that’s become the bane of festival-goers. […]

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