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Making Dallas Even Better

David Brooks, Dallas Cowboys Fan, Tonight at the DMA Arts and Letters Live Series

The real reason I had New York Times columnist and bestselling author David Brooks on the phone was not, as it turns out, to pester him for his thoughts about our Art District, mostly recently the butt of a few jokes in a Simpsons episode. No, I was supposed to be quizzing him about The Social […]

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Leading Off (3/30/11)

Dez Bryant Sued Again. According to this lawsuit, between January ’09 and July 2010, Colleyville’s Eleow Hunt gave the Cowboys receiver: 40 pieces of jewelry, worth $588,500; $26,000 in cash (for expenses and spending money); and $15,850 in tickets to various sporting events. Bryant was supposed to repay all this when he signed a pro […]

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