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Lady Lee Bailey Snaps Up Turtle Creek “Party House”

Turtle Creek estate
Casa Bellamini

Some gals, when they live through a divorce, get a face lift. Others get a boy toy. But newly-single Lee Bailey (aka Ed Bailey‘s ex-) just finished the final steps in purchasing Braden Power’s Casa Bellamini on Turtle Creek, with Allie Beth Allman’s Doris Jacobs making sure all the T’s were crossed. As one residential real estate pro put it, “It’s a perfect match.”

This 8,430-square-foot, two-story mansion, with its oh-so-cool party/spa master bathroom and salt-water pool in the living room, has been a neighbors’ nightmare. After a little refreshening, Lee claims the Cole Smith-designed palazzo will go from “the party house” to “the convent.”

BTW, the two black swans that originally came with the property are now down to one. Evidently, the surviving swan killed the other one.

17 comments on “Lady Lee Bailey Snaps Up Turtle Creek “Party House”

  1. Jeanne, you didn’t just bury the lede, you left it out. On Tuesday, Ms. Bailey confimed what industry insiders have been buzzing about for months: She plans to install $3.7 million worth of tasteful retraint in the fabulous master bath. As announced in a full-page ad to run in the April edition of D Magazine — which will blossom into a full-blown billboard camapaign this summer, and be the subject of a Broadway musical in the fall — that is the single largest purchase of tasteful retraint in North America over a the last 20 years.

  2. How restraint became “retraint” not once but twice, I can’t say. But it’s one less letter, and I read in a book once that sometimes less is more.

  3. A reliable source at the title company told me that he got close to the asking price. Regardless of what she paid, congrats to Ms. Bailey for buying one of the most prized properties in town.

  4. Rumor has it that those that have anything to do with this deal are allegedly [curse word]-off that this leaked. How could one not be when the ink isn’t even dry on the contract? The Street hears that this might be seller sabotage. Didn’t Erin Mathews have this listing recently? Doesn’t the author of this post do PR for Erin Mathews? Isn’t Erin Mathews in the same office as the current listing agent on this property? I wonder if someone has diarrhea of the mouth…

  5. I love the rumors about this deal! I want to see the incredible tasteful restraint ASAP.

    I want to see pictures!

  6. Jeanne, is the rumor true that now Braden is trying to scuttle the sale after having received the earnest money? He has a history of that, you know.

  7. I also heard he got his asking price. He’s excited, and the deal is done. As for scuttling the deal, anybody in real estate knows that you can’t just change your mind about selling your home after you receive the earnest money. Some of these comments are so stupid it’s unbelievable.

  8. Congrats to all. Hope all will be happy. BTW The black swan is docile as swans go. Loves feed corn. Bet it’s mate fell pray to raccoons.

  9. Seems unlikely that a title company would comment to “William” on a pending transaction.

  10. @ SkinPig, I just don’t get the questioning. This is a story about a great realtor, Doris, selling a fabulous house to a deserving , fine woman Lee. Maybe you just need to hop a long out of here.