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Making Dallas Even Better

Mayor Caraway? Up to Council, Leppert Says, Not Me

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert isn’t saying whether he’ll run for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s U.S. Senate seat, or whether he’s OK with the prospect of Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway as the city’s mayor. Buttonholed at today’s annual meeting and luncheon of DowntownDallas Inc., Leppert questioned a press report saying he’d already made up his mind […]

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Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: Feb. 16

Weird but true: I’ve been telling people for years that a portable, human-sized hamster ball is the ideal solution to all my perambulatory problems (examples include rain, ice, humidity that makes my hair frizz, uncomfortable-but-cute footwear, and unfortunate encounters with Brooklyn’s criminal element). Well, this morning, I received a press release about an event on […]

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Leading Off (2/16/11)

Ron Natinsky gets Dallas Police Association endorsement. Although, honestly, this probably has more to do with DPA head Glenn White’s distaste for David Kunkle than any real affection for Natinsky. Maybe it’s weird that Mike Rawlings wasn’t even interviewed, but an actual criminal would have a decent shot at scoring the DPA nod if Kunkle […]

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