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9 comments on “Dallas Sixth Vainest City in the Country

  1. @DMBurrows: Still waiting for the 2010 numbers to come back, but, yes, expect our run of dominance there to continue. Double guns, LA, NYC, Des Moines!!

  2. @DMBurrows… i am laughing so hard… a friend of mine on Facebook came to town and I took her to a couple of things and she said “do the Magazines all get VODKA straight from RUSSIA for free”? i had to laugh.. Dallas does do Vodka.. and we have some amazing magazines that help all the Charities get our messages out… and it’s a good thing… as I am typing there is a Vodka to Go ad to my right… fitting …KRU

  3. So, wait. According to their metrics and assuming they are talking about citizens of Dallas, they are saying that 500,000 Dallas residents belong to a gym/health club? I think you could take a zero off that number and it would still be too high.

    Also, I imagine the metric they are using for healthcare/personal appearance is tied to purchases at drug stores. When I buy booze at Walgreens it shows up as healthcare/personal hygiene on my AMEX statement. I laugh. So should you.

  4. It’s not vanity: I really am prettier than Hartford.

    And Bill, I picture you laughing and like your whole visage briefly turns into a death’s head and then switches back again as you sit slumped in the blue glow of a motel television, directing inconceivable scorn to your AMEX bill in the grips of some private and horrible catharsis.

    And that makes me envy you a little, but still I bet I have a better manicure.

  5. EVERYONE in Dallas is prettier than Hartford! There are NO pretty people AT ALL in Connecticut.