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James on Leach Flap: Most in Lubbock Support Me

ESPN college football analyst Craig James, who’s weighing a run forCraig_James_IMG_9364 Kay Bailey Hutchison’s senate seat, says his role in the firing of Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach won’t  hurt him politically–even in the heart of Red Raiders country.

“I feel very confident about our position,” said James (pictured). “Most people in Lubbock support my position. We did what any responsible parent would do. We did the right thing.” A complaint filed by James and his wife over Leach’s alleged mistreatment of their football-player son led to Leach’s firing late last year.

Asked when he’d make a decision about jumping into the Republican senate primary, James said, “I’ve got to analyze it. I’m thinking about it. I’ll announce [my decision] sooner rather than later.”  The former football star was among several luminaries in Plano Friday for the premiere of  SLANT 45 The Movie, a project of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee and Big Thought.

99 comments on “James on Leach Flap: Most in Lubbock Support Me

  1. I guess if you live long enough you will see and hear it all. even after 60 years, first of all what planet do you live on., Craig James.?? It has been over a year and the people in Lubbock are still mad, who in nthe hell do you think you are? You dont speak for Lubbock for one thing. You and your monoply butt kissing espn van kiss my ass and so can the Avalanch Journal, who are in Techs back pocket. If I should go to hell Im go0ing to look for you and your worthless ass son. scumbag..

  2. You have to be kidding?? Hate to tell you your about as popular in Lubboock as dirrhea. Noone in Lubbock supports you but your own kind.

  3. Leach being fired says it all. Leach brought it all on himself and his druken lores of past. Everyone know of his sorrid past yet is willing to overlook that and how he treats his players and staff. Good riddance. There are plenty of college head coaches that would listen to their head trainer’s opinion and follow that. Leach chose to ignore the experts. James was doing what plenty of other parents would do. So shut up you whiners!

  4. Toby, out of 4 total comments so far, you are the second to voice support for James. And, your comments are right of the message points provided by James’ PR firm. Have you even been to Lubbock lately?

  5. Looks like Craig put in a call to Spaeth. Not impressed with their rebuttal. Toby, you need to do some reading. Court documents including depositions are available. Reading them before you commented would have saved you some embarrassment.

  6. Craig James must be getting his poll numbers from Merrie Spaeth! But she will say anything if you give her enough money!!

  7. This is a perfect example of people in power using the media,in this case ESPN and other outlets. It looks like that the recent decision on Sovernign immunity has given him the thought that he was right. People around the world know that Leach was railroaded especially here in Lubbock. we may have a small voice but we wont forget. Keep on stirring it up , Craig. Lets see if the media will report the anger over this , or if they have the guts.

  8. The biggest cheer at any Tech game last season, was when James’s daughter, Adam, actually had a ball thrown her way, got blasted by the defender, and dropped it. The applause and roar of glee in that stadium was absolutely deafening. ‘Nuff said.

  9. …and this has nothing to do with Mike Leach being a good coach, bad coach, hired, fired, whatever. It has to do with the fact that Craig James is a delusional, ego-maniacal moron.

  10. I just read the funniest comment on another blog: “Craig James is the Kim Kardashian of the sports world.” hahahahaha

  11. I hope he runs. Let him waste his money and his time. Maybe then he’ll finally realize that the majority of residents in Texas, not just Red Raiders, think he’s a lying, cheating scumbag.

  12. I am really happy to have Tuberville in Lbk, loved Leach extremely, but we have upgraded. That said, no one in the state of Texas supports Craigay. Or Addie James. Seriously, #1 persona non grata, everywhere. Cant believe he doesnt get that from all the harassment he receives. He would fail epically if he ran for senate, please run, pleeeeassssee.

  13. What any other parent would do would be to teach their child to respect their elders and those with authority and not be constantly insubordinate and not that daddy will step in whenever things aren’t exactly as the child wants them to be. Adam James is in for a very long and unhappy life and Craig James is in for the biggest wake up call ever if he decides to enter the real full contact sport in Texas: POLITICS.

  14. The man is obviously insane if he thinks for a minute that Lubbock supports him..ha ha ha..craig you and your buddys, Hance, Myers, Bailey, Sowell, Turner, Anders will long be remeembered for being the most despised people ever in Lubbock County… Dream on, CREEP… OH, BY THE WAY YOU AND YOUR BUDDYS SUCK… HA HA..

  15. I won’t forget!He wont be getting my vote. He’s a fool if he thinks people have forgotten the many many lies he and his son have told. Last thing we need is another liar in Austin!

  16. Seems like a perfect GOP candidate to me. He is rich,an elitist, a liar, a whimp and has no character. I wish he would do something else. He is a terrible analyst.

  17. I seriously doubt Craig James will be able to use the services of his PR firm any longer as the PR firm’s insurance carrier has refused and/or denied payment/coverage for litigation fees incurred by the PR firm with respect to the Coach Leach matter. I believe the PR firm principals are close friends with the Craig James family..wonder how strained that relationship is now.

    Craig James..WHAT A JOKE!

  18. Wake up Craig James!! Lubbock cannot stand you! Texas cannot stand you!! I do hope that you run so we can witness the biggest whitewashing in Texas Political history! Please get off ESPN so I can start turning the sound up again on some really entertaining Thursday night games. It was nice to see my son-in-law and his Army teammates put a hurting on your SMU Mustangs in this year’s Bell “Helicopter Parent” bowl game.

  19. This is so funny. Surely he isn’t serious. Even his son admitted in sworn testimony that he lied about what happened. He tore Texas Tech apart. I don’t even know if the Tech administration supports him anymore. He is delusional.

  20. Craig James could not get voted in as dog catcher! This guy needs some serious medical attention. I would vote to revoke this guys Texas citizenship. In my life I have never seen a man with his head so far up his south endzone. I really hope he runs so he will at last know the true, quantifiable feelings of the Raider Nation!

  21. As a life long Democrat, I will register as a Republican just to vote against him in the primary!

  22. This is James’ positive thinking…not reality thinking…he is polarizing and quiet honestly I have not heard more than 2 people support him. But no matter how you feel about it how does he have ANY experience that would make him a good replacement for Hutchinson?? NOTHING Football is important in West Texas but Cotton is King, so unless he has a major understnading of farming and our role in the economy and keeping it current in our market today he has little hope

  23. Noticed that Red has no mention of this on their blog?? I thought they would since they,Craig and Nancy are their heros.I guess Hance has not approved of running this story in Techs mouth piece the Avalanch Journal. Seems strange that Tubbs gets a 500,000 raise about the time that the courts rule soveirgn immunity for Tech so they wont have to pay Leach, hmmmm???

  24. One of the top blog sites for Texas Tech football,, has pulled all comments regarding Craig James.

    Appears his lawyers may have made a call or two.

    Glad D Magazine has bigger bxlls than the guy who runs (who just happens to work for the university).

  25. What Tech did do Leach was shameful. Craig James has no character. He took illegal money while he was a student. He paid a PR firm to go on blogs like this and act like they support him. Seems as if they are falling down on the job, considering the comments above.

  26. Lubbock hates Craig James and his little boy Adam. The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of his name is SCANDAL! TTU and SMU. I would love to see him run so the skeletons could fall from his dirty closet. On the “down-to-eath-o-meter” Craig ranks too low to register. Just a snobby, selfish, delusional, elitist scumbag. . . . on second thought, he might make a grand politician.

  27. What in the world has this guy been smoking? Bad enough that he thinks most Lubbock/Tech fans are on his side but he thinks he can win Kay Bailey’s senate seat? No way. There are too many true conservatives already gearing up to run. He should save his money.

  28. Craig James, you are a digrtace to Texas Tech, the State of Texas , and West texas, where i own, live, and have a business ! I am a republican and would never vote for your fraudulant, lieing, manipulating, bull $%it yousay out of your mouth! You and yoyr little girl Adam can go on to the the Democratic side along wityh nancy pelosi and Harry Reid cause thats where you belong and take Hance along with you!I want to puke at the sound of you and your pansy daughter Adams voice ! I will do everything i can to do to wreck your future , like your family has done to Texas techj Football! Go To hell!

  29. Craig, I can’t wait to get my Tech friends together, wear out Raider gear, and attend a few of your campaign events! I heard your PR flack can’t get her insurance company to defend her in the lawsuit Mike Leach filed against her for slander!! Craig James and Kent Hance should move to Alaska and hang with the half term governor.

  30. If I didn’t enjoy living the easy life and fishing in Key West I’d return to Texas and run for office just to watch that worm squirm…

  31. Well group, he’s still running! I hope some of you caught him on WBAP this morning.
    He’s still lying and parsing.
    He even repeated the Spaeth/ Tech PR line, “Mike Leach got Mike Leach fired”.
    The callers skewered him up one side and down the other! This guy can’t be trusted to have the best interest of his own family in mind. I sure don’t want him near mine!