Shout Out to Jerry Jones: Lap Seating

Jerry Jones IMG_0415Jerry Jones (pictured) is bound and determined to make Super Bowl XLV the most highly attended Super Bowl in the history of pigskinning with a goal of 105,000.

Brainstorming last night at FrontBurner Live, we came up with a dandy idea that could really up the ante for JJ. Sell “lap seating!” Prices would be scaled accordingly. If you buy a celebrity’s lap in a suite, the price is sky high as opposed to a Cheesehead’s lap in the outdoor stands.

Wonder how much Kim Kardashian’s Pamela Anderson’s or Christina Aguilera’s lap would go for?

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3 comments on “Shout Out to Jerry Jones: Lap Seating

  1. They’ve issued an Amber Alert for strippers -I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    And as far as lap seating goes, said lap sitters would need to wear Haz-Mat suits to get close to some of the funk that’s oozing into town for the big game and stripper-palooza.

    Hated to miss FBLive. I’m sure I could have made a meaningful contribution.