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Budget Cuts at Hillwood Lead to PR Exec’s Exit

After 12 years of defending the corporate line at Hillwood, David Pelletier, former director of communications, was given his walking papers earlier this week. Pelletier says he wasn’t too surprised at the budget cuts that led to the elimination of his position, with the real estate market in an ongoing slump. Commercial development has been […]

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‘Nothing is Happening’ in Dallas? Says Who?

I really enjoy PvP, Scott Kurtz’s Eisner-winning comic strip about the staff of a video-game magazine called Player vs. Player. But something in the current storyline is sticking in my craw. Kurtz’s characters are moving from Dallas to Seattle, just as their creator did last year. The Jan. 7 edition includes a character’s assertions that “nothing […]

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Texas Tribune Adds Lege Bill Tracker

For all you budding would-be lobbyists or special-interest devotees or just plain regular good citizens, here is a great new tool for following bills introduced in the new session. You can choose by category or by representative/senator. You can read the bills. You can follow their progress or lack of same. You can decide which […]

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Jean-Jacques Taylor Loves Him Some “Poppycock”

A complete accounting of each instance in which Dallas Morning News sports columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor has employed the word “poppycock” in his writing, just because I care about these sorts of things: December 4, 2007: “Mike McCord, the Cowboys’ equipment manager the last 13 years, assigns numbers to free agents, rookies and new players. McCord […]

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Leading Off (1/21/11)

Dallas Loses “Ultimate Super Bowl” Weekend. The financier behind the kid-friendly “Ultimate Super Bowl” weekend places the blame for having to move the event from South Dallas to Lancaster on the shoulders of Dallas City Councilman Tennel Atkins, and the expensive (and apparently growing) laundry list of things he was told he was required to […]

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