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Making Dallas Even Better

DMN vs. Parkland, Ctd.

Yesterday, I posted a letter to the editor from Daniel Podolsky, the president of UT Southwestern Medical Center, criticizing the newspaper’s coverage of Parkland. Today comes managing editor George Rodrigue’s response. I hope Tony Pederson over at SMU has been following along. There’s an excellent case study here in how journalism should and does get […]

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Leading Off (11/17/10)

1. Famed atheist Christopher Hitchens will debate William Dembski, a professor from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, tomorrow morning at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. I’ll take Hitchens and the points. 2. The Morning News‘ lead dining critic, Leslie Brenner, writes at length about how she lost 30 pounds. The secret: she consumed fewer calories than […]

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