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Previewing the Dallas Mavericks’ 2010-11 Season

Building on Quick: no one will pay much attention — not even me, card-carrying MFFL — when the Dallas Mavericks kick off their season against Charlotte on Wednesday night. They’re only going up against Game 1 of the World Series, no big deal. So maybe just bookmark this post, and read it later. When you come back, you’ll find a quick primer on what to look for in 2010-11.

- The Basketball Jones’ quick video preview

- Ball Don’t Lie’s word version, featuring a terrifying Brian Cardinal photo

- I write about Roddy Beaubois

- Rob Mahoney from The Two Man Game breaks  it down like a fraction

- And Dirk is on Twitter (@swish41)

5 comments on “Previewing the Dallas Mavericks’ 2010-11 Season

  1. Dirk seems like he’ll be an interesting presence on Twitter.

    I did find it odd that the fake Dirk, conveniently named @the_real_dirk, somehow amassed 13,500+ followers and hasn’t been kicked off the Twitters yet.

  2. i hope that dirk responds to every tweet about him loving hasselhoff by asking if that person also has any judge ito, hugh grant or monica lewinsky jokes.

  3. I’m not sure what to make of Dirk “following” Michael Finley (@da_finster). Please advise.