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Eric Celeste Quits Watkins Campaign

Well, we won’t have Eric Celeste to kick around anymore. Gromer Jeffers tells us that Eric has added another to his long string of quittings. The funny thing is, I’m having lunch with Eric right now. I asked him for a quote.

“If there’s one thing I know how to do,” Eric said, “it’s quit something. The only thing I love more than quitting is force-quitting.”

I’m working hard right now to get a quote from Clancy’s camp, but I can guess what they’ll say. Now that their “insurance policy,” as they call Eric, is out of the equation, they’ll need to raise $200,000 more.

17 comments on “Eric Celeste Quits Watkins Campaign

  1. It’s always a good sign for a campaign when key staff quits (or is “forced-quit”) a mere 28 days before the election. Nothing says “we expect victory” quite like an October senior staff shuffle. Those internal polls the county Dems have been running must look just great for Watkins . . .

  2. Yeah, it’s not looking too good for Watkins in East Dallas, if yard signs are any indication.

  3. What’s the real reason he quit? Something not quite right with the campaign? Was it an ethics problem?

  4. It’s clear that Watkins is completely incapable of handling even the most basic aspects of organization. He can’t handle himself civily with the Commissioner’s Court; he can’t administer his office’s budget enough to make the necessary cuts everyone is facing; and now, he can’t even direct his own campaign without infighting. It certainly makes one wonder about how badly he’s mismanaging the inner workings of the DA’s office. This is what you get when you throw a man into the DA’s seat whose only prior management experience was running a small bail bond company.

  5. @publicnewssence:

    An ethics problem would not be enough to make Eric quit. It had to have been something else, something that would cause Eric to take a principled stand, like, say, if he wasn’t getting paid.

  6. That is a more accurate political analysis than Bob Shrum has ever provided his paying clients.

  7. Here’s hoping that EC will return to grace the pages of FB with his much appreciated and missed wit and charm. Well, let’s just hope he comes back, even as a guest editor.

  8. It says here that Eric may have signed on to be be a spokesperson but not an permanent apologist. Diss Celeste all you want, he is NOT without ethics. Too bad the same cannot be said for Watkins, who is just eaten up with a case of the dumbass

  9. An interesting day, to put it mildly, for Team Watkins. Gromer Jeffers has updated and is now reporting that a second Watkins senior staffer, Renee Hartley (director of field operations), has also left the Watkins campaign. So what do Celeste and Hartley know that the rest of us don’t? Terrible private poll numbers? Ethics issues? Both? Four weeks until the elections (and less than that until early voting) and the incumbent DA no longer has a campaign team beyond his own family members.

  10. Now who’s going to hang the Watkins “Mission Accomplished” banner, book the DA on Nancy Grace and write stern letters to the DMN?

  11. And maybe now we can ask Eric if by his own defintion of court appointed lawyers that makes Atticus Finch a “sleazy defense attorney.”