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Making Dallas Even Better

Rick Perry Fires Up Barbecue Crowd, Media

Last week, while campaigning, Rick Perry stopped off in Temple, where he regaled the crowd at Clem Mikeska’s Bar-B-Q with ways Republicans could win in other states. Aaaaand then he did something that bent my mind. I mean it. Darn near snapped it in half. I had to nap after I read this, to get […]

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Jason Sheeler Does Fashionista Heidi Dillon

Ran into a group of Dallas boldface types at DFW who were just returning from summering at Pebble Beach. Their iPads had been working overtime pulling up Dallas Morning News‘ Jason Sheeler‘s lengthy OMG story on the very eyebrow-raising Heidi Dillon (pictured) and her efforts to get her own reality show. It’s all there, from […]

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10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas: This Week’s Contestants Need Your Vote

Seriously. They do. It’s the third week of voting in the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas competition, and the race is tight. So tight, in fact, that we’re guessing this week’s semifinalists will come down to only a handful of votes. Please pardon the cliche when we say: every vote counts. Help a sister out here. Want to take […]

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Leading Off (9/1/10)

1. Our former co-worker Eric Celeste has his work cut out for him. As the communications director for DA Craig Watkins’ reelection campaign, today he’ll be dealing with a story about how, when Watkins was a defense attorney, he got a 10-year-old girl to declare that she did not want to pursue charges against the […]

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