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Making Dallas Even Better

Kansas Guy Gets Lots of Scrilla from Farmers Branch

Meet Kris Kobach. He’s running for Kansas Secretary of State. He likes rowing, missionary work, and belongs, ironically, to the Open Door Baptist Church. He’s also made a whole lot of money helping municipalities craft ordinances regarding illegal immigration, and then defending those laws.  Among those who are now defending a Kobach-penned ordinance is Farmers […]

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Dallas County Republicans Attack Nancy Pelosi With “Moneybomb”

Remember awhile back when Craig Watkins dropped a “money bomb” with “justice explosives“? It seemed like he was doing a sort of fundraising satire that I couldn’t grasp. Well, now Jonathan Neerman and the Dallas County Republicans have dropped their own “moneybomb,” which has been designed to tell Nancy Pelosi that “we have had enough.” […]

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