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Making Dallas Even Better

Newtoy Bigwig Responds to Bitchy Words With Friends Players

An alert FrontBurnervian pointed me to the current comments that folks are making about Words With Friends. Sample: “This app totally blows chunks!!! It’s worse that Obama!!” Folks are getting interminably long spinny wheels, along with the frustrating “rebuilding” message. Please know that I feel for everyone who has experienced these hiccups. Me, personally, since […]

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Ex Libris: Legacy Books in Plano to Close

The Dallas Morning News has more details, but what is probably one of Frontburner’s  favorite book stores, Legacy Books in Plano, will close Saturday, Aug. 14. Silverish lining? Store manager and operator Teri Tanner has formed Double T Consulting, a company “dedicated to pursuing independent bookselling and other retail opportunities.” (Editor’s Note: Bethany is correct. […]

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Dude, Sweet Chocolate Teaches How to Make the Best Chocolate in Dallas

Two members of the D Magazine intern army recently visited the Best Chocolatier in Dallas (Dude, Sweet Chocolate) to learn all of the Oak Cliff shop’s most important chocolate-making secrets. They were also expressly asked to obtain prototypes of the Everlasting Gobstopper, but they returned empty-handed and strangely silent, as if they’d been taught simple […]

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