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Making Dallas Even Better

Colleyville is the Best Suburb of Dallas in Tarrant County

D Magazine online editorial intern Ryan Jones has been spending time getting to know the best suburbs of Dallas. He’s already shown you the dark underbellies of Parker and Highland Village. No. 3 on the list is Colleyville. Ryan seems to have fallen in love with the strange offerings at Foreman’s General Store there, including […]

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What To Do in Dallas This Weekend: July 2–5

This is my last post on FrontBurner (for now, muwahahahahahahaha). Someday soon, there will be a new person with a new little caricature-thingy doing posts about the goings-on around town. As for me, if you need a freelance writer, please (PLEASE) email me at [email protected] Now, onto the bizness: I think we all know what’s […]

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Former Local Reporter To Marry Joe Francis

So, it appears that former CBS 11 reporter Christina McLarty has been canoodling with “Girls Gone Wild” film auteur Joe Francis since at least 2007, when Paul Kix wrote that Francis had been arrested. It now appears that the two are set to wed, but they’re having a civil domestic partnership. Also? Quincy Jones is […]

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