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LIVE D Magazine Words With Friends Championship Match — Watch it Here

UPDATE: It’s over. Chris Cree has been crowned our champion. More tomorrow. It’s all come down to this: the championship of the D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament will be decided in a match between Chris Cree and Trennis Jones tonight at our company offices. Watch the live video stream of the finals below. Or take […]

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LIVE BLOG The D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament Final Four Showdown

SPOILER ALERT: Chris Cree won it all. More tomorrow. It’s been a short, fun ride from 64 competitors who started in our tournament on June 1 to narrowing the field to only four remaining contestants on June 9. Follow along during our live Final Four Showdown from the D Magazine offices tonight.  Watch a video […]

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Watch the D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament Championship LIVE Tonight

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’re hosting a little Words With Friends Tournament. Tonight the semifinals and finals will be played at the D Magazine offices. All of the original 64 combatants from our tournament were invited to attend. The Finally Four – Rhett Miller, Rich Goff, Chris Cree, and Trennis Jones – will […]

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Jim Schutze Lays Huge Steamer in Center Arch of Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

With a stormy skyline as a backdrop, Dallas Observer columnist Jim Schutze this morning marked progress on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge construction project. When city officials and workers weren’t paying attention, Schutze surreptitiously lowered his khakis and defecated inside the top piece of steel on the bridge’s center arch, which officials hope to have […]

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Friends Fete New Josh Alan Friedman Book

Josh Alan Friedman, a talented Dallas writer and musician, spent his early years in New York, where he was the only white kid attending the last segregated black school on Long Island. Now he’s written an “autobiographical novel” about the experience called Black Cracker. So last night Dawn Rizos, owner of The Lodge gentlemen’s club, […]

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Chris Cree vs. Rich Goff: D Magazine Words With Friends Semifinal Preview #2

This is the second of our semifinal previews, ahead of tonight’s D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament championship. We’ve already broken down Rhett Miller vs. Trennis Jones. Now, eliminated opponents look at Chris Cree vs. Rich Goff. David Higbee, who came closer than any other player in the tournament to beating Scrabble master Cree, identifies […]

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Rhett Miller vs. Trennis Jones: Words With Friends Tournament Semifinal Preview #1

Today’s the day for our D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament championship. Four players remain out of the original field of 64. The semifinals kick off at 7 p.m. this evening, and you’ll be able to watch live right here through FrontBurner (more on that later). No word yet on the odds out of Vegas. […]

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Leading Off (6/9/10)

1. This fall, the producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will film a post-feminist horror movie in Dallas called Stripper, starring the well-known porn actress Michelle Sinclair. I am absolutely certain, as I type this, that Robert Wilonsky has not only already put up a post about this but has called the production company to […]

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