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Making Dallas Even Better

2010-2011 Opera Brings Don Giovanni, Anna Bolena, Rigoletto – No Wagner

The Dallas Opera has announced its 2010-2011 season, and though I thought Jonathan Pell told me last summer that Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde would be included, the final list contains no Germans — much to Wick’s delight and my chagrin. Next year’s season will include Mozart’s Don Giovanni (a personal fav, if I may say […]

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TV with Laura: The Bachelor Episode 8 Recap

What on earth has happened to Chris Harrison? Remember when he was little more than a poorly dressed, nerdy referee on a dating show? Last night’s episode–”The Women Tell All”–revealed that he has transformed into a despicable little man. (Alas, his wardrobe remains the same.) He’s judgmental, condescending, surly, and combative. Just the way I […]

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Belo vs. Medina: Who Will Prevail?

It’s been amazing to watch Belo/DMN spinning hard to marginalize Debra Medina, the constitutionalist/libertarian candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. First the company tried (unsuccessfully) to shut Medina out of its TV debate. Then the paper’s Gromer Jeffers and Colleen McCain Nelson both pronounced Medina’s tax proposals unworkable on Channel 8’s Inside Texas Politics. Next […]

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