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Making Dallas Even Better

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  • Zac Crain

    Could use a third rendering of Cowboys Stadium.

  • Gadfly

    GEEEZZZ! Where do they find designers who can come up with such an unapologetically cold phallic logo? One should not hire a designer just because he is an expert in gradient fills and 3D effects. Yes, I said “he”. No female would dare touch this.

  • Wm. B. Travis

    I LIKE IT!*


  • Tom

    I’m still confused as two which venue this game will be played in. The one in on the ground with all the weeds growing around it, or the metallic one floating in the sky?

  • Jason Heid

    To clarify, the logo is just the floating silver part. The photo of Cowboys Stadium is merely part of a background on which they decided to present the logo. In case we couldn’t recognize the stadium sitting beneath the Lombardi trophy, I guess?

  • DMBurrows

    wow… um… ok. well, at least it didn’t turn out like the London Olympics’ logo

  • matt

    Dallas- really needs to overcome its Houston-based inferiority complex.

  • Ghost of Evan Grant

    The Super Bowl committee still needs a lovable mascot. I nominate Tim.

  • VM

    @Gadfly, he billed it at 10K per gradient.

  • JB

    At least there is no Gawdawful neon Orange or Blue in it.


    Gadfly, have you seen the previous SB logos? I didn’t think so. The fact that we are the first to use the new design is amazing in itself. Its the best one I have seen in a couple of decades.

  • Gadfly

    CAPTxSMACK, yes, I’ve seen the past versions (at least the ones that are linked above), and the Houston logo is the best of the lot. But wouldn’t it be really cool if this thing (logo) was stamped out of gun metal and applied to the back end of a pick-up truck? You know, something like a Dodge Ram. There now, I said something positive about this floater. Uh, I mean logo.

  • publicnewssense

    This is a lame logo.
    It is inert.
    It has no verve.
    It has no spirit.
    It looks like a committe of people who didn’t want to offend a major donor came up with it. Did it come out of a Dallas Morning News focus group?

  • Informed Citizen

    I’d never noticed the Arlington stadium looked so much like a Le Creuset dutch over cooking pot topped with a lid.

  • Wishin’ in one hand…

    Hopefully the ‘boys will fight for the Superbowl XLV trophy on their own turf next year.

  • Werner Laflen

    Myself and a work friend ended up talking about this recently. Thank you for the proof that I was right and after this I can over it!