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Making Dallas Even Better

Massachusetts Senate Election a Victory For Frisco

That what’s Frisco City Councilman Scott Johnson told the Frisco Enterprise about Scott Brown’s election to the U.S. Senate: “The victory in Massachusetts was a victory for the country and for all freedom-loving citizens of Frisco,” Johnson said. Johnson wasn’t alone in expressing his joy. City Councilman Pat Fallon said the Brown win demonstrated “voter […]

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Court Tells Southlake’s Kwame Kilpatrick to Pay Up

Southlake’s favorite disgraced former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, was back in court today. The judge called him a liar, and said his behavior had been reprehensible. He transferred Kilpatrick’s probation from Texas back to Michigan. Looks like he can keep living in North Texas though, since he can report for probation by phone. Because Kilpatrick […]

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The Arts District’s Future: Focus on Festivals

For all the hoopla surrounding the AT&T PAC opening, there are a few things the Arts District doesn’t do well yet: fostering organic use, serving as a common urban space/park, interacting with the surrounding neighbourhoods (or lack thereof). But the district’s opening did prove that it is very good at playing the role of gathering […]

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Dallas’ Misunderestimation of Fair Park’s Value

Unfair Park put the question to Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau head Phillip Jones: why didn’t they show Fair Park to the Professional Convention Management Association meeting that was in town last week? Jones answers that they highlighted Fair Park in promotional materials, but that he was more concerned with emphasizing downtown. Since the DCVB’s […]

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Worse Bank Robber Etiquette: Leaving Behind Your Purse or Announcing Your Robbery a Day in Advance?

Both actually happened yesterday, Scott Goldstein reports. Hmmm. Tough to call. I’m leaning toward the former, only because the crime had already been committed, and that’s obviously just really sloppy crime committing right there. But the latter carries a terroristic threat charge, and that surely will not make things easier for the defense attorney. I […]

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City Staff Urges Ethics Exemption For Tax Districts

So. Based on what the DMN had to report: The city of Dallas gave three private developer groups governmental powers through the creation of “municipal management districts.” City staff, and the economic development committee, decided that greater power doesn’t come with greater (ethics) responsibility. It looks like the issue isn’t settled. Councilman Ron Natinsky, who […]

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