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Leading Off (01/04/10)

1. Welcome back! Are you all partied out? I’ll tell you who’s not partied out–the gang of North Texas Sigma Nus who were fortunate enough to rent a custom home that had gone into foreclosure. Six fraternity boys live among families in a Corinth neighborhood, and it’s not going so well. Neighbors complain of underage drinking, public urination, and noise. New year, same old story: Parents just don’t understand.

2. How’s that New Year’s resolution working out for you? Have you been power walking every day? Gone for that nightly jog? Unfortunately, outdoor activities might become a bit difficult in the next few days.  There’s talk of record lows on Thursday–15 degrees just seems wrong. Solution: Go to the gym. I’m sure there won’t be anyone there this week.

3. It’s the big day, people. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ve got on my lucky purple pants. We’ve put together a watching party with snacks (Tostitos!) and booze. I’ll have my computer with me to run stats. Oh wait. Oh my gosh. You didn’t seriously think I was talking about TCU at the Fiesta Bowl, right? Today is the first day of season1,293 of The Bachelor, wherein sadsack Dallas pilot Jake looks for love in all the wrong places. It will surely be the most dramatic rose ceremony evah. I should probably take the day off–the anticipation is just too much.

4 comments on “Leading Off (01/04/10)

  1. Six fraternity boys live among families in a [suburban] neighborhood, and it’s not going so well.

    Coming next fall to HBO?

  2. Laura – I hope you will be blogging about boring Jake this season. You make it worth watching!

  3. Expect more of this (and worse) in the idyllic far-flung ‘burbs as more homes go to foreclosure.