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Garrett Avenue is Not “Knox-Henderson Area”

Here is what happened (and where) as reported by the DMN’s Crime Blog:

A 20-year-old woman walking from a party with a group of friends to their car in the 1800 block of North Garrett Avenue early Saturday was grabbed at gunpoint by two men, Dallas police say. The men abducted her into a dark colored SUV, raped her, robbed her and left her in southern Dallas.

Here is the headline for that post:

“Dallas police: Woman abducted from Knox-Henderson area, robbed and raped”

Open up a Google map and you’ll see that the 1800 block of North Garrett is just as close to Fitzhugh as it is to Henderson, nowhere near (really) Knox, and closest of all to Ross Avenue. I don’t know why they would tag the post this way, but if they’re trying to do a service to their readers and make them aware, shouldn’t the headline give them a better idea of where this terrible crime occurred?

  • Mike

    Obviously the Dallas’ Only Newspaper staff, geography wise, is ignorant of all parts of the city. They seem to regularly delight in showing their ignorance by calling any crime scene East of Central Expressway as being located in Lake Highlands. In proximity, several recent crime related incidents should have been considered located in “Preston Hollow” or in the “Parky towns”.

  • Stephen

    You’re totally on your own if they report a crime in “Oak Cliff”…two areas in Oak Cliff could be as close as North Park and the Galleria are to each other.

  • Lee

    Same thing happens with Fair Park, even if it is 2-3 miles away from the park.

  • LakeWWWooder

    Whoever does the DMN Sunday crime round up with the tiny little map has classified one crime in Far East Dallas and one crime in Lake Highlands as “Old East Dallas”.

  • Bill

    Since the DMN story said they were walking from a club, it would be a “Lower Greenville” club which are just stones throws away. Those clubs are now infested with gang types and all the crime they bring with them. Not sure how all of that flipped from some yuppie area to a gangster/thug zone. But it happened. Lot of the dudes down there have Texas prison gang tattoos.

  • Mike

    By your definition the area Knox/Henderson wouldn’t exist because the street is either Knox or it’s Henderson. If something happened on Garrett avenue by the Old Monk, I’d refer to it as the Knox/Henderson area.

    I think the problem is the expansion on the entertainment areas on Henderson. It used to be there wasn’t much past Vickery Park. Now there are popular places like the Capitol Pub (is that Knox/Henderson area?). Or does the Knox/Henderson area stop at Louie’s.

    We have this problem everywhere in Dallas. What exactly is Preston Hollow, Lakewood, etc.? I agree that 1800 North Garrett is really stretching the definition on Knox/Henderson.

  • Tim Rogers

    Did someone just mention the Old Monk? I’ve got that on my Google alerts. Is it time to go? What’s happening? If you’re going, please text me.

  • R

    Since I live smack-dab in the middle of the Henderson side of Knox-Henderson, this headline freaked me the F out. Especially since I walk to the watering holes. After reading the article, the fact that this person was with a “group” of people is even scarier to me than where she was.

    The 1800 block of Garrett is too far for me to consider walking to the drugstore on the corner of Ross where I rent Redbox DVDs, but I still think of it as in the general neighborhood.

    I have henceforth declared that Redbox location off-limits. I always watched my back there anyway. Literally. You have to turn your back to the parking lot to look at the movie selection and it would be REALLY easy for someone to grab you and throw you into a serial killer van. I usually park my car in the fire lane to make it harder to get to me. This just confirms my intuition that it wasn’t safe, because this woman was abducted around the corner.

  • LakeWWWooder

    Where is Rawlins, the Bonham Elementary alum? He might clear this up for us.

    I’ve taken to just saying “Henderson Avenue”. It’s like the old days when “Lower” Greenville came out of nowhere and eclipsed “Upper” Greenville. Now most folks say “Greenville” and they aren’t talking about Old Town.

    Now Henderson and Greenville are growing together – so will there be a new appellation?

  • Bob

    Two blocks from Henderson is not in the Henderson neighborhood? What is with you people?

    And it is called “Knox-Henderson” because (a) that has been the name on the exit sign on Central Expressway for almost 60 years, and (b) it is actually the same street, which has a name change when it crosses Central Expressway.

    And, in case you did not notice, EVERY neighborhood in Dallas has rather fluid, if not ephemeral, boundaries. See, e.g., Oak Lawn, Uptown, Old East Dallas, East Dallas, West Dallas, South Dallas, North Dallas . . . . Get over it.

  • johan

    As a near life-long Dallas resident, I don’t have a problem with the Dallas Morning News labeling N. Garrett as being in the Knox/Henderson area. Perhaps it would have been more accurate for the headline to state that the crime occurred “near” the Knox/Henderson area. To me the Knox/Henderson area covers the entertainment area that includes the length of Knox west of Central Expressway and the length of Henderson east of Central. It’s been tagged that way for as long as I can remember — or ever since there was an exit off Central labeled “Knox/Henderson.”

  • Ali B

    Oh my my! Ask any real estate agent, anyone who frequents the area…or, just flat out ask anyone who lives over there and they will agree:

    This is considered Knox/Henderson Area!

    Whew, glad I don’t have to ask some of you for directions. Wow…

  • mediawonk

    The DMN has an excellent internal map (done a number of years ago) that clearly identifies neighborhoods throughout the city of Dallas, to give editors and reporters a more accurate way to name the areas they are reporting on. Problem is, I don’t know how often they use that map anymore when writing headlines, etc.

  • LakeWWWooder

    BTW, Old Town was not really old. That was the new part of Greenville. Vickery Park has two meanings to true Dallasites. So does The Village. Knox Street Pub is no longer on Knox. Knox Park – a developer’s contrivance. So is Uptown, that used to be known as Oak Lawn. Or the Vineyard. Or the Quadrangle. This is not really North Texas. To the Dallas Morning News: there is more to Dallas than ‘North’ and ‘South’ (“Southern Dallas” is malformed moniker as well). East is East and West is West – read Kipling. The rats in Lakewood are not the same as the rats in Pleasant Grove. Note to Dallas Morning News bloggers – Hillcrest did not play the Texas A & M fight song – it’s the Hillcrest fight song. And never use “Wilson” y’all.

    How you pronounce “Cadiz Street” may reveal your origins.

    Watch that Slater girl on Channel 8 – whatever she says, it’s usually wrong.

  • bbb

    It happened a few feet from the Ross/Bennett intersection, which was identified by the Dallas Police recently as one of the five most violent areas in Dallas – 119 violent offenses Jan-Aug 2009. Calling this neighborhood Knox-Henderson is like calling Gaston Swiss.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Well, two points. First, anything east of Central, and not actually in Mesquite is regularly reported as “White Rock Lake.” This especially applies to crimes in the apartments east of Northpark, a 10 minute drive from White Rock Lake.

    Second, at one time the Dallas Police were rrequired to live in Dallas. I guess that was deemed too restrictive. But the Dallas Police act like they are patrolling a foreign country,–they don’t really give a damn,–they don’t live here, their kids don’t go to school here, and they don’t know any of these people. Simply giving them a paycheck does not seem to build any loyalty.

  • Ryan

    I’m going to agree with Bob on this one. Where this happened is clearly Knox Henderson area.

    Crime happened at Monarch and Garrett. Monarch and henderson is where Louies is at and where new high end retail is opening each month. I’ve had to park at this intersection numerous times, especially on Friday/Saturday night with packed streets, going to Barcadia and Park. It’s ridiculous to assume that it was “just ghetto east Dallas and not the hip Knox Henderson area.”

    I live less than a mile away from the area and obviously hate to hear this. I love seeing all the new bars/restaurants coming in and changing the neighborhood, but Knox henderson area is still very transitional and crime seems inevitable.

  • allison

    It’s all relative. I live in 3 different neighborhoods depending on who you speak to. Hell, the government can’t even figure it out. One rep of mine is Dan Branch. Another is John Wiley Price.

    Neighborhoods in Dallas kind of flow into each other. What you believe seems to depend on development during different eras and when/where you were raised. There’s no specific suburban signage in the city alerting you that you have entered Stonebridge or Spring Park. Well, until recent years in Uptown. I live right by two Uptown signs but some people think that’s wrong. Those people are generally older. Neighborhoods change over time. What was correct back then may be different now.

    Is it based on the look of the hood? If it doesn’t look like the hip, happenin’ spots on and around K-H, is it considered a different neighborhood? What if it’s in between two well-known neighborhoods? Unless there is a specific delineation on a map kinda like NYC, there’s probably not going to be a correct answer everyone will agree on.

  • Kyle

    According to the updated story on Dallas News (, the same perps robbed a man in the 5200 block of Alcott which is 50 yards south of Vickery Park on Henderson. For you people claiming this wasn’t in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood, you are being naive. I have parked in both of these locations when patronizing the businesses on Knox-Henderson such as Old Monk, Cuba Libre, Vickery Park, Hacienda, Park, and Louie’s. So whether it was 2 blocks off of Henderson or whatever is irrelevant.

  • R

    Is that Denny’s that what’s-his-face from the Mavs had his fight in located in Knox-Henderson? It’s way close to the Knox-Henderson hotspots, but DMN didn’t mention the neighborhood in its story.