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Making Dallas Even Better

Leading Off (12/1/09): The Snake on a Plane Edition

I’m an hour ahead of Dallas right now — and 30,000 feet above it. I checked FrontBurner with American Airlines’ new(ish) Gogogadget inflight wifi and found the blog begging for content. So here I go with an iPhone somewhere over KY. Or TN?

1. Carl Sewell sells Saabs and Hummers. But how much longer? Both brands have uncertain futures. But you know which brand DOESN’T have an uncertain future? Carl Sewell.

2. The tiny town of Hebron (population 1,000) has, through an odd set of circumstances, become a magnet for liquor stores. I don’t enjoy air travel. In fact, to settle my inflight fantods, I have already consumed three screwdrivers. Oh, sweet, sweet vodka. How far is Hebron from DFW Airport?

3. I promise. This isn’t the Skyy talking. But since American Way editor Adam Pitluk grew that beard, how totally scrumptious does he look?

  • yvonne

    Ok.. Tim that is very Cool to have email on board.. remember if sitting on an aisle…keep your elbow in and watch the seat in front of you it may come back on your laptop and Skyy…..glad to know that you’re on AA… job security. have a good trip and yes Carl Sewell Brand does have a certain future for sure.

  • Amy S

    Amen to #1 – my Saab may be discontinued, but I’ll always be a Sewell customer. Awesome, awesome service.

  • You shoulda taken that in Chicago

    Vera Farmiga is on the cover of AW and you’re commenting on husky Adam? Mmm-K, ya wuss.