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Be a Good Friend and Buy a Gift Subscription to D Magazine

You love D Magazine, don’t you? So why not share the love? As a thank you for being a Facebook friend and Twitter follower–and, I suppose, for reading this blog–we’re offering a special deal on a D Magazine subscription: $10, the lowest price ever! (I have no way of disputing this claim. IJS.) To get this super-hot deal, sign up here. But hurry, because this deal won’t last forever.

7 comments on “Be a Good Friend and Buy a Gift Subscription to D Magazine

  1. I wanted to buy a subscription for myself as a present. I’m not a subscriber…but I have to buy it for someone else to get the deal?

    That’s Crap!

  2. I tried to do that. The site wouldn’t allow me to place the order.

    And sorry…I was having a bad day.

  3. Like Dano, I wanted to gift myself which I’m pretty sure I accomplished…except I was charged $20. How might I fix this?

  4. Dano – Call our Customer Service Department at 800-732-9673 and tell them you want to subscribe at the 12 issues for $10 rate. If they ask for a code, tell them it’s I9LDEESMG.

    PW – call our Customer Service Department and they’ll get one of the subscriptions cancelled & refunded.