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Making Dallas Even Better

Scenes From the AT&T Performing Arts Center ACT III Gala

Saturday night was a star-studded affair, with Patti LuPone and Kristin Chenoweth performing. Fine folks like Tracy and Jill Rowlett (pictured) attended. Jeanne Prejean has a more official recap of the party over on SweetCharity, and Tim posted a recap as well.  I’m just the girl who’s posting the link to our party pics.

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Experiment in Good Urbanism Goes Bad; Or, Why I Won’t Be Taking DART Anymore

Krista, I hate piling on a person or an agency when they’re down, but I’ve got another big bone to pick with DART. Here it is: Like a good little fledgling urbanite, I vowed to make a habit of taking the light rail from home to our new downtown offices–and did so last week. The […]

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Simmons Says U.S. “Full of Hate for Jews and Muslims”

Hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons brought his unique spin on business, politics, race, religion and philanthropy to Texas this past weekend. Friday night he appeared at Matthew Trent Jewelry for his Diamond Empowerment Fund nonprofit; Saturday he was in Houston for a meeting of his Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. Before the Trent event (pictured: Simmons and […]

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Leading Off (10/19/09)

1. Highland Park ISD’s enrollment increased this year. Not unusual, right? Well, it kind of is. They’re seeing more students coming in at the fifth through eighth grade levels–and most of those kids are transferring in from private schools. But relax. Not everyone’s gone poor! In fact, David Baker, director of admission and financial aid […]

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