7 comments on “SMU’s Pony Boys Need to Pony Up Just a Little Bit Less

  1. Back in our day the guys had to really be in shape in order to avoid sabers wielded by the Niedermeyer Aggie Corps. So why is that field at A & M so sacred? I say Peruna should have taken a dump.

    The Rice Marching Owl Band always worked the Aggies into apoplexy. http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=491966

    I think we called Peruna’s handlers ‘runners’ back then, not ‘boys’.

  2. There probably just excited that they actually got to run Peruna across the field -a rare occurrence.

  3. They’re still called Peruna Handlers. Not sure where they got Pony Boys from. Still a funny picture, though.